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Marsel Zadrima
Born 10/26/1978 in Tirana

1993-1998 Completes the Artistic Lyceum "Jordan Misja" for Painting-Staging, distinction himself in these areas as well as in informatics.


1998-1999 Works as a Painter-Stager at TVA. During this time creates either by himself or other collaborators several stages of a vast array of profiles, ie. art, sport, culture, politics, etc. These works have been renown by the audience. Worth mentioning are the stages for the "France 99" Soccer World Cup program, "Videotip", "TVA Specter", "The sportive Sunday", "Tic Tac", and recently "Summer 99". Also engages in the creation of many TV Spots and the illustration of several TV Programs.

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1998-1999 Being proficient in informatics, helps students of the "Jordan Misja" High School through practical computer classes.


1999 Attends the Academy of Arts in Tirana, majoring for Staging - Cosmography


1999-2000 Work as a Video Editor at Fasada Studio.

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2000 Return in the TVA ...